The Patrick O'Brian Compendium

On this, our Tall Ship page, we provide links to modern square-rigged and other sailing ships. You can ship out on one of these as a paying passenger or volunteer, or just check out the experiences of others who have already done so. Our thanks to Richard Bumgarner for the idea for this page. 

bullet The sad demise of the H.M.S. Bounty in Superstorm Sandy off the dreaded Outer Banks of North Carolina.
The Pride of Baltimore II has both daysail and guest crew opportunities, and an outstanding website. (Thanks, Terry Taylor!)
bullet The San Diego Maritime Museum offers tall ship sailing adventures from day sails to extended voyages along the California Coast aboard the Californian-a replica of a 19th century revenue cutter.
bullet The Lady Washington is an 18th Century tall ship replica, based in Gray's Harbor, Washington, USA.  The original was the first U.S. ship to explore the Pacific Northwest.  Crew training takes two weeks and costs about $250
bullet The full rigged ship Sorlandet  takes lubbers as passenger/trainees. It's a Norwegian ship but almost all passengers and crew spoke good English - good food - good sailing.
bullet The HMS Rose, based in Bridgeport, Connecticut has played host to Patrick O'Brian himself. Click here to list pages found by Google that describe many voyages on the Rose. The Rose became the H.M.S. Surprise for the recent film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.
A replica of Cook's ship, The Endeavour, regularly sails in Australian, English and other waters.  Information at
A recreation of Matthew Flinder's voyage mapping Australia (maps that would have been used by Jack Aubrey!) is currently underway. A replica of an earlier ship (1600s) also sails in these waters and has links to Holland where the original came from at
bullet Live tracking information on current tall ships sailing (and in port). (Thanks, Terry Taylor!)

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